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A Tribute to Derek Tullis Sr.

I've been married for 26 years and have three sons with my husband,  Derek Tullis Sr.  Our boys are all grown now but they are very much connected to us in every way. They still pop in daily, using the keys to our home that they refuse to relinquish. They still run in and call out for their dad. I watch as they "dap" and hug and yes, they still roughhouse.

I've noticed how each of them has their own unique way of greeting him.  Derek has always had this ability to communicate and to respond to our sons' individually, while imparting the same structure and foundation necessary for being principled and ethical adults. He has always strived to maintain a consistent environment; one where they would become men who would never have to question right from wrong.

In our early years as parents, we struggled to find balance, but we stayed the course and remained focus on our babies. He has never told our boys not to cry and there have been occasions where they have cried together. He's cultivated confidence and nurtured them. Derek had never allowed our sons to be angry with each other, often reminding them of their obligation as brothers and the power of the bond they held.  

Witnessing his dedication to fathering and  the level of responsibility he took on to make sure that his impact in their lives was positive and profound has affected the way I see him and the way I feel about him and the confirmation that marrying him and choosing him to father our boys was the best decision I could have ever made. 

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