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A Tribute to my Nephews

I have four nephews, three of whom are fathers.  Well, not only fathers but outstanding,  fathers.  It is hard for me to make the argument that a woman can’t raise a man, because, for the majority of their lives, they were raised by just that, a 50+-year-old great Aunt (along with their mother and grandmother).  ⁣

Rick became a father at a very early age, and from the moment his daughter was born, he made sure that he provided for her financially, physically and emotionally.  He would bring her over to the house and fix her bottles, change her pamper and to this day, even though she is a beautiful 13-year-old young lady, he refers to her as “the Baby”.  They have a very special bond…one that survived a difficult time in our lives where he couldn’t be there physically, but he still maintained an important and vital role in his daughter’s life.  ⁣

Mike married and a few years later became a father, with a stay-at-home wife.  He was in his late twenties but knew the importance of taking care of his family, to ensure his children received the best care from not a sitter or center, but from their mother.  There are many sacrifices to be made as a parent, but to take on the responsibility of solely providing for your family in this day and age, shows a sense of great self-discipline, commitment and other attributes that have been poured into him.  ⁣

Terrence married a beautiful spirit, who made him a new father.  Terrence is one of the most caring, attentive, sweet, responsible, sensible and loving persons I know.  His dedication to family and the care for his family is nothing but a true testament to the person who raised him, our Aunt Mattie.  She unselfishly devoted her years after 50 to caring for these three boys.  Her serving as a role model for them shows each and every day as they care for their own families.  ⁣

With these wonderful examples on fathering, I know when the time comes for my baby nephew, Talante to become a father, he will be just as loving, caring and nurturing as his three older brothers.  I am blessed, honored and privileged to be a witness to the outstanding fathers.

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