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No time to read the featured father bios, no problem. Below is a compilation of all the tips provided to date. Want to add your tip or tool to the list, share it here. Be sure to check out the Wellness Wednesday and Fathering Friday tip archives.


  • Don't worry, pray.

  • If you ain't ready, get ready.

  • We don't always need to fix our kids' problems. Sometimes what they really need is to know that we believe in their ability to work their problems out and that we support them.

  • Free online email addresses are great places to capture pictures, notes, videos and other memorable moments for your child's future enjoyment. Just don't forget the password!

  • Dance parties are a great way to bond, laugh, get some cardio in, and break up midweek monotony. Bonus points if you dress up! Ability to dance, not required.

  • Invest in patience; it is not a sign of weakness. Kids are likely to model the healthy behavior they see.

  • When that moment comes and you realize your child is facing true adversity, exhibit as much confidence in your child as you can. Let them know they can do anything they set their mind too. Let them know they can overcome any obstacle. If they fall short, and they will sometimes, let them know you’re still there with them and you love them just the same. The most important thing is to make sure they know how much you believe in them and they will continue to believe in themselves.


What tips do you recommend to fathers seeking to protect their daughters and sons from problematic/predatory attention?

  • "Age-appropriate information and natural feelings and when and where they are healthy and when they are not."

  • "I speak to my 9-year-old son about not letting anyone touch his private areas except his Dr. when I am present. I ask him what would he do if another child or adult asked to touch him in a way that was not appropriate and asked him not to tell. I instructed him to say to me and others whenever he feels uncomfortable - in any situation. He knows that his body is his dominion and no one should ever make him feel uncomfortable. I also talk to him about age-appropriate feelings and interaction with girls and how he must always be respectful."

  • "We started the talks when school started (pre-k 3). Age appropriate. Your body is your body. If anybody ever makes you feel uncomfortable even family, even me or mommy (with both parents present) you tell a parent as soon as you see us. You won't be in trouble and we won't be mad at you."

  • "I don’t post my child on social media. Definitely, don’t post on social media with where they go to school and their names. Very easy for someone to lure your child that way."

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