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A Tribute to Will

This Father’s Day season, I have an unusual joy. Having lost my own dad 7 years ago, it’s typically been a day of grief and pain. But this year my partner Will and I became parents to our surprise miracle of a son, Zayden.

Will has astounded me as a father. We met two years ago and falling in love with him also gave me four bonus daughters who are 17, 19, 20, and 26. Watching him father an infant after his daughters have grown up has been nothing short of a gift. He really shows up and has the constant orientation of “how can I help?” He balances the needs of our baby and his teenagers with impeccable grace always finding the needed time to devote to everyone. He is wise, intentional, patient, thoughtful, and tender with his children.

I own my own business and work from home with my mother caring for our son during the day. When Will comes home from the end of a day, no matter how long, he immediately relieves me of baby duty, taking total responsibility for feeding, soothing, entertaining, bathing, and getting our son to sleep. On weekends and holidays he is the primary parent, freeing  me up to read, soak in the tub, take care of my mani and pedi, do my hair, go shopping and still rest and bond with friends.

Will is the partner and father for my son that I didn’t even know how to pray for; Zayden and I are bursting in admiration for his diligent love each day.

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